1-Tap Audio Livestream


Stream your sermon audio live with a single tap. Use your phone if you want, no expensive equipment required.


You preach God’s word. We take care of the rest.


Reach the sick, the shut-ins, and the seekers with the Gospel.

Listeners don't need any special equipment or apps. Audio livestreams work everywhere.

Start Streaming in 3 Minutes

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3. Go Live

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An Incredibly Effective Ministry Tool

Reach Your Congregation When They Can't Reach You

When your congregation is sick, shut-in, or out of town, they're missing out. Livestream gives your congregation a chance to feel connected when there's no other option for them.

Livestream is no substitute for Fellowship, but for those who simply can't make it, it is a magnificent improvement over the isolation of being stuck away from the body of believers.

It Works Everywhere

Your livestream is a simple MP3 audio stream. It'll work for everyone, whether at home or on the go. Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Linux are all supported.

No one will be missing out.

When we say 1-Tap, we Aren't Kidding

Once you've downloaded the Sermons.io Livestream app, going live is a single tap. Your listeners will be able to listen instantly, following along live as your service is broadcast.